Are You Okay?

There's one time that suddenly you got mad. 

You can't control your emotion.
But I, I'm doing nothing.
Not backing you up, not stand for you.
I just kept my mouth shut.
Feeling guilty, I approached you.
"Are you okay?"
You read it, but you didn't reply,
It makes me feel more guilty.
I'm sad. I'm bad. 
and I'm worried bout you.
Then, I text your roomate, your bestfriend.
Asking bout you.
I admit I do care about you.
But I didn't know how to show it in the right way.
I may be nothing to you, but you are everything for me.

I woke up at 4 a.m. in the morning.
Just to check you up.
You replied my text.
Saying that you're okay, and sorry.
You said that you're not in a good mood.

I replied, "It's okay, I understand"

The next day, I see you smiling.
But I don't know why, I can't look straight into your eyes.

Anyway, I hope you're okay.


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