Writing 'bout Heart and Feelings.

Heart does feel... but the feelings is too weird!
Sometimes, you don't know why did you got the feeling.You think that everything seems normal but the truth is you're so miserable.You didn't get the chance to know your heart well.You just take it easy even you hate that kind of feeling.And that is what happened to me.

I really don't know why did I feel so hurt, maybe everything happened reminds me back to the past.When those happy days are real.But now everything is different, no more sweet smile and loud laugh.The world seems too serious and I tried to make it more friendly, but I can't.The heart still hurt.And it is painful.I always try to motivate myself to be a better person and let bygone be bygone!

Sometimes, somewhere I really miss those happy and sweet moments and I hope I can turn back time.But surely, I can't.Life must go on.Those days are history.Everything in the past is history.No matter how much I miss them, there's nothing I could do than just reminds them.And that makes me got the feeling.

 Surely enough I cannot endure it but keep trying is okay.I believe I can make it.The happy times, sweet smile and laugh, I will try to make  the best of them in the future.So, my life wouldn't be so bad and hateful.

But do you know what kind of feeling I hate the most?
it is...

Working out late huh?

It's the month of March right now, and it is a little bit busy here!!!
Gotta  pile of homework even though it is the school holiday, no time to rest... but just work, work, and work!!! I admit that I used to stay up late nowadays... keep trying to finish up the works in one night, but it doesn't seem really work! ==' 
I still need a break, to take a deep breath, relaxing myself!!! 
Although I was 'forced' to get all of the homeworks done, thank God, I did not feel stress! 
Maybe because of my workaholic personality, 
I get used to work even it is too late in the night!

Hey, do you know why I keep on my work?
It is because I always determined to have a free day when I wake up in the morning on the next day.
And yeah, I'm still trying to achieve it! A work-free day! =)
So that's why I keep working even though it late!

Those pile of homework are:
- 4 chapter of accountancy subject in the workbook. (I'm an accountancy student!)
- 5 chapter of Add Math. (a difficult subject for me... )
- English oral test (information needed!)
- ICT's Powerpoint (coursework)
- Immersive Multimedia's scrapbook! (another coursework...)

Listing all of them make me feel burdened, but completing all of them make me feel relieved!
ahh, I hope I can get everything done before Friday! wish me luck, okay!!!

Here are some photograph! =D


Calculating is Real!

too many paper though! -__-

It's enough then, goin' back to work! =)