Gu Family Book

Life after SPM, aku tau mesti ramai yang ada cara tersendiri untuk menikmati cuti ni.
Aku pun ada cara aku yang tersendiri,

Setakat ini,
Aku kerja kat sekolah lama aku, jadi cikgu.
Aku retro-vintage kan bilik aku,
Aku pergi kelas masak,
Aku jadi 'maid' kat rumah sendiri,
Aku online, and doing those internet stuff,
Aku buat puzzle, 1000 pieces and 3D puzzle,
dan aku layan drama Korea..?!

Most of teenagers that like K-pop may love EXO, 2PM, SNSD, Crayon Pop, Big Bang or whatever,

But, I more into drama, OST and Running Man most.
Aku x brape minat sangat lagu yang bising2, hehe
I am more into Ballad.. such as Kim Jong Kook, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Sang Gon, Baek Ji Young, and entah la
Aku tau aku kasar, tapi aku berhati balada.

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This is one of Korean drama that I had watched,
this drama touched my heart a lot, such a nice plot, true love between Human and Gumiho (monster)
And it shows me that, "have you ever loved someone sincerely?"
Yeah, it very touching. Although you know the truth about him, you still loved him.
Although people keep saying you're not meant to him, you still can't let go of him,
And although it may let yourself get killed, you still want to be beside him, protect him, support him.

"Have you ever liked someone sincerely,
 Your head and mind are full of that person,
 If he laugh, you laugh,
 and when he cries, you get teary.
 Just being by his side make your life feel complete, and you feel safe.
 Kang Chi is that kind of person to me..."
      -Dam Yeo Wool-

ahh, that is one of my favourite line in this drama.

This drama was aired in 2013, but I've got to watch it this year! ~ngee
So for those who didn't watch this amazing drama, go watch it! It worth to watch as it got nice ending!

Some of the OST to share,

1000 Pieces of Puzzle

"life is like completing the puzzle,
we need every single pieces to complete it, 
just like we need everyone to complete our one and only life!"

This time I would like to write about life and puzzle.


okay, lets start,
Month ago, I'd found a set of 500 pieces puzzle,
and I was so excited to try complete it.
But you know what, the puzzle lacked 30 more pieces, and I felt so unhappy,
I can't complete the puzzle because it wasn't enough!
I'd told my mom, if she could buy me a new puzzle,
and she say YES! Oh yeah, can't wait...!

Several weeks ago, my parents bought me 3 set of 1000 pieces of puzzle!
I was so excited! 
Thanks to my mom and dad, love them-a-lot!

So, me and my father, we start to complete the puzzle
and yeah, it took several days to complete it.
All complete, every single pieces were joined together and make a nice picture!
Today, I successfully complete it!

SO, the Conclusion is,
our life really like completing the puzzle, if it even one piece gone,
our life hasn't complete.
We need every single pieces to get the right picture,
That is life looks like to me, 
I need everyone to complete my wonderful life,
I need my mom and dad, my family, friends, teachers, relative, crush and people whom I met throughout my life.

For those people,
Thanks for completing my life,
I love you guys more than my own self!