In Sickness or in Health - for Richer or for Poorer

Robert Meier watched as his comatose girlfriend's vital signs got weaker and weaker and made the decision to marry her before she died. People in the hospital thought it was a romantic gesture as Meier and his girlfriend became husband and wife only hours before her death.
But later, in July 1996, he was arrested in Tampa, Florida, for using his dead wife's credit card to rack up more than $20 000 in expenses.
Did Meier claim to be distraught over his wife's passing and driven by depression to go on shopping spree?
NO- He blamed her dog.
According to police records, "[Meier] said the dog told him she [his wife] would want him to have a better life, so it would be okay for him to use her credit cards." It make sense that Meier would speak to a dog-it sounds like he was a real son-of-a-bitch!

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