The One Who Waits

The One Who Waits for Someone
The One Who Knows The True Meaning of Pain.

Hey there! It's Emma once again, like what I'd stated above, did you guys agree with it? Feels offended already? Nah.. Honestly, I'm kind off the one who still waits. It doesn't mean that I'd never move on.. It just because I still care about the one who I choose to wait for. But after all, I don't know whether that person worth to be waiting for. HAHA.. Anyway, If you accidentally read this, know what, there's still a girl who really really love you and hope that one  day you will realized every single thing that she had done for you. 

Hey, go to her and proved that you are really worth waiting for!
Before it is too late...


The Loyal Assistant

Hey there!
We meet again after months of not writing.
Hmm.. Guess what?
I kinda miss writing but I'm too lazy to write my assignment! LOL

So, today.. I wanna share with you a story about the loyal assistant.
Here we go!

Several months ago, a girl was chosen to be the assistant to a man.
she's not a secretary, but more to his assistant but not a personal assistant.

she just a simple girl who never say NO to him. She kind of obedient, kind and calm person whatever it takes. She tend to make him happy by agreeing what he said (but she will object if he saying the bad thing), when he get mad, she tried to calm him. She's really a loyal person, a loyal girl. she might love him more than just a boss as she always said, he is her partner. So, whatever it takes, she must stand behind him, always there whenever he needs help. She must support him.

There's one time, she had to take a leave for two days. She getting worried.
"What if he cannot handle it?" "It was my job." "What if he woke up late?" "What's this.. What's that.. What if.." But actually she believed he can. She trust him. She know that he will do well or maybe a lot better than her.

But after all, she decided to love without expecting something in return. As she believed that Love doesn't always mean to be together, but love is more than that. Love is pure and love is when you'll always stand by that person's side even in the worst situation.

She's Loyal person, it's okay to break her heart.
As she decided it that way.
But, please don't hurt her too much.
Coz she still a human being and a woman though.

With love,