Working out late huh?

It's the month of March right now, and it is a little bit busy here!!!
Gotta  pile of homework even though it is the school holiday, no time to rest... but just work, work, and work!!! I admit that I used to stay up late nowadays... keep trying to finish up the works in one night, but it doesn't seem really work! ==' 
I still need a break, to take a deep breath, relaxing myself!!! 
Although I was 'forced' to get all of the homeworks done, thank God, I did not feel stress! 
Maybe because of my workaholic personality, 
I get used to work even it is too late in the night!

Hey, do you know why I keep on my work?
It is because I always determined to have a free day when I wake up in the morning on the next day.
And yeah, I'm still trying to achieve it! A work-free day! =)
So that's why I keep working even though it late!

Those pile of homework are:
- 4 chapter of accountancy subject in the workbook. (I'm an accountancy student!)
- 5 chapter of Add Math. (a difficult subject for me... )
- English oral test (information needed!)
- ICT's Powerpoint (coursework)
- Immersive Multimedia's scrapbook! (another coursework...)

Listing all of them make me feel burdened, but completing all of them make me feel relieved!
ahh, I hope I can get everything done before Friday! wish me luck, okay!!!

Here are some photograph! =D


Calculating is Real!

too many paper though! -__-

It's enough then, goin' back to work! =)


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