Le Enchanted Gala

Le Enchanted Gala

wahh... dah lame tak bukak blog nih... andai blog nih macam bilik, bole kate berhabuk + debu dan segala manika...haha
okay, stop merapu di situ..

 Act aku nak citer pasai...
tuh ha tajok kat atas uhh....
'Le Enchanted Gala' tuh adalah annual party for the Fivers (F.5)
It also known as the MOST-AWAITED event for us, the Seniors! Ahaks!!!

nih aku wat sendiri...hehe

So, for this year, our batch wanna make something different for the event.
This is because our tagline is 'A day to Remember' 
so, it is not wrong for us to make it more memorable right?

okay, the date was set. That is on Thursday, 10 Oct 2013.
The theme was black, red and white
Additional with Masquerade!
Our Le E.G was inspired by 'ABPBH Award' so, we make Award for Teachers! ~ngee

dewan uhh dihias dengan cantik oleh sape ntah... (I don't know)
but, hasilnya memang cun dowh...  complete with the red carpet and lights!
The most awesome thing is we have our own 'Penaja' backdrop! (we doin' it by ourselves)

What did I wear?
I'm just wearing a black cotton baju kurang with white laces from Qaira Hijab,
hot pink halfmoon and black Angelo Moda shoes. simple!
aha! and Masquerade from Mr. D.I.Y!

What about the Food?
Answer: It was AWESOME and Delicious!!!
hey, sape bole lupa roasted chicken, siakap 3 rasa, ulam ngan sambal belacan, tom yam, agar-agar hijau yg manis, udang goreng tepung, cendol and KAMBING BAKAR!
tak lupe juga Candy Booth from Mimpi Kita!
verrryyyy.... delicious food!!!

some of the candy treats!

The event went smoothly and in a happy moments...
everybody enjoying themselves taking picture, eating and so on.... hhahaha

tapi, bnde yg aku x leh lupe ialah persembahan kelas aku...
we called it as musikal kanak2..
or nama sedap die 'The Tale of 5 Princesses'.... ngee~
yg nih kne citer kat entry lain.. hehe
by the way just nak bagi tau... aku jadi DWARF je...

Award for the most popular teacher goes to My History  Teacher...
Cg. Suhaimi! rindu dia siott!

Cikgu suka ambil gambar dan bergambar..

event ended about 3 o'clock...
then, sume balik ostel, rehat and tidor! hahaha

bukan ape.. malam nanti ade lagi! ahaks!

The Night...
okay, malam uhh kitorg de sesi fotografi batch + tukar2 hadiah + cake ceremony!
it means that we need to wear the outfits macam siang tadi!
Alhamdullillah , sume bg kerjasama.. sume pakai cantik2... lilit shawl...
haha... rasa cam jamuan 2 kali lak!
then..... pegi supper kat dewan makan dgn pakai pakaian cam uhh!
OMG!!! I know we were too pretty that night akak2 DM, jgn t'kejot tau!

after supper, tukar2 hadiah...
guess what I get?
I got Eiffel Tower Model! yahooo!!!
ok, enough, seriously excited! ~ngeeeee...
aku dapat hadiah from Nurul, a girl from Science class, pretty girl and got gorgeous smile!
and aku pulak bagi hadiah kat Nadia, my own classmate!
She loves pink so much, so aku bagi die pink blanket yg memeng best buat tidor...
Hope she'll love it..

Eiffel Tower!

tudung merah uhh Nurul

okay, I think its all for now...
tangan dah penat menaip, otak dah puas mengingat kembali...
so, boiboi!!!

Here's some picture!

our cake!

with my Ketua Umum!

the invitation card!


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