The old-timers version!

These are really for the Oldies... lol XD

ATD-at the Doctor's
BFF-best friend's funeral
BTW-bring the wheelchair
BYOT-bring your own teeth
CU@SC-see you at the senior center
DWI-driving while incontinent
FWIW-forgot where I was
FYI-found your insulin
GGPBL-gotta go, pacemaker battery low
HGBM-have good bowel movement
IMHO-is my hearing-aid on?
LMDO-laughing my dentures out
LOL-living on lipitor
MYOB-mind your outrageous bloodpressure
OMSG-oh my! sorry gas
ROFL...CGU-rolling on the floor laughing...can't get up
TTYC-talk to you louder
WAITT-who am I talking to?
WTP-where's the prunes
GGLKI-gotta go, laxative kicking in!


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