The Special One!

Free as the wind was he
Like a soaring kite was he
Where did he go..lets find him

We were led by the path we took
While he carved a path of his own
Stumbling, rising, carefree walked he

We fretted about the morrow
He simply reveled it today
Living each moment to the fullest
Where did he  come from

He who touched our hearts and vanished...
Where did he go..lets find him

In scorching sun, he was like a patch of shade
In an endless desert, like an oasis
On a bruised heart, like soothing balm was he

Afraid, we stay confined in the well
Fearless he frolicked into the river
Never hesitating to swim against the tide

He wandered lonesome as a cloud
Yet he was our dearest fiend
Where did he go.. lets find him...


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